Solutions Proprivex Provides:

High-End Asset Management Tools

Newbie and professional traders may be preoccupied with their daily jobs or other activities, making market and trade analysis a bit more challenging. Proprivex’s ecosystem is integrated with The latest AI and machine learning algorithms and tools to ensure users receive market analysis and reports daily.

Full-Scale Security

The security protocol of Proprivex will be a combination of the latest technologies with the least hacking footprint formulated with the best practices obtainable in the crypto space. Smart contracts will be built using the pyramid standard for safer base code edits and will be audited by Certik. To ensure that bugs are eliminated almost as soon as they appear, the base code will be shared on GitHub for developers to search for bugs. Successful bug squashes will be rewarded in the official token of Proprivex.

Risk and Compliance Advisory

A large portion of the world is yet to legalize crypto assets, which has made the adoption of crypto difficult for citizens and residents of the countries. With our team’s cumulative experience of over two decades within the crypto space, we will curate a document for do’s and don’ts to cater to all interested and participating parties.

Efficient Framework and Infrastructure

Proprivex is based on Avalanche’s super lightweight, fast, and efficient framework. This ensures that Proprivex remains carbon neutral regardless of the number of transactions while charging nominal and competitive transaction fees. As Avalanche has recently been one of the fastest-growing and widely integrated blockchains, not to mention its cross-chain compatibility, Proprivex’s interoperability status is upped.